Rimedo to use the know-how of the Poznań University of Technology


The Poznań University of Technology granted a license to the company founded by the employees of the University’s Institute of Radiocommunication – Rimedo to use the university’s know-how in the field of algorithms used in telecommunications networks.

The know-how has been developed by the scientists of the Institute of Radiocommunications in the course of many years of scientific activity supported by numerous, mainly international projects co-financed from external funds and orders carried out in agreement with world-renowned business partners.

Rimedo Labs is a start-up established by the employees of the University of Technology to provide consulting and implementation services in the field of modern wireless solutions. The license will allow the provision of the best-quality and substantively innovative research and development services under market conditions and the development of unique knowledge based on the benefits of an agreement developed on the science-business line.

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