Scientist from the Opole University of Technology becomes a scholarship winner of the Foundation for Polish Science

Politechnika Opolska

Piotr Bońkowski, PhD, from the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Architecture of the Opole University of Technology is among the 100 most talented young scientists awarded by the Foundation for Polish Science. Almost 800 people competed for the prestigious scholarship. On the list of winners there are only two scientists representing the construction industry.

The young scientist conducts research in the impact of mining tremors and earthquakes on building structures and monitoring the condition of structures.

“This scholarship is a great honour for me and an appreciation of my scientific work to date. It is significant, especially considering the high competition. I am particularly happy about the additional funding I received, which will allow me to go on a study trip to the University of Grenoble – Alpes in France. The centre employs Dr Philippe Guéguen, who conducts research connected with monitoring the condition of structures, which is the area I am currently dealing with”,’says the winner.

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