Scientist from the Silesian University of Technology to recycle plastics

Arkadiusz Ziolek/ East News

Dr Eng. Szymon Sobek from the Faculty of Environmental Engineering and Energy at the Silesian University of Technology will go on a 3-month scientific internship to Rome to recycle plastics. The internship will be part of the Miniatura grant of the National Science Center.

The aim of the project “Environmental Life Cycle Assessment of Hydrothermal Process Applications and Solvolysis as Methods for Chemical and Material Recycling of Plastic Waste” is a 3-month research internship in the team of Prof. Lidia Lombardi at the Niccolò Cusano University in Rome. Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of recycling products (material and chemical) of plastic waste.

LCA analysis is a technique aimed at assessing potential threats to the environment with a focus not only on assessing the final result of a given technological process, but also estimating and assessing the consequences of the entire process for the environment.



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