Scientist of the Medical University of Wrocław becomes a finalist of Polityka’s Scientific Awards


Dr Błażej Misiak, a scientist of the Department and Department of Genetics of the Medical University in Wrocław, became one of the finalists of the 15th Scientific Awards of the Polityka weekly in the Life Sciences.

Dr Błażej Misiak is a scholarship holder of the Minister of Science and Higher Education, winner of the Iuvenes Wratislaviae 2019 award granted by the Wrocław branch of the Polish Academy of Sciences, co-author of articles on psychiatric issues awarded with the Golden Synapse and a finalist of the Supertalents competition in Medicine. The jury of this year’s “Polityka” awards appreciated his research in psychiatry.

The selection of the finalists is the first stage of the competition. In the second part, the Jury, composed of scientists and public persons, will select 5 winners who will receive scholarships of 15,000. PLN. The remaining finalists will receive 5,000. PLN. The winners will be announced on October 20.