Scientist of the University of Szczecin to investigate the tactics of protest in 21st century Poland


Dr Maciej Kowalewski of the University of Szczecin will implement the project “Tactics of protest by Polish opposition in the 21st century – preliminary research”. He received a grant for his research under the Miniature competition of the 4th National Science Center.

The results of his research will allow to describe the characteristics, frequency and effectiveness of the use of opposition tactics used in Poland. This is the first stage of research on the creation of a lexicon of protest tactics used by Polish opposition. As part of the project, research will be carried out using Protest Event Analysis, but in an innovative and modified for tactics research version.

Dr Kowalewski has analyzed individual forms of offline protests from the period 2016-2020, recorded in national press titles. In the period covered by the study, the “COVID-19 factor” will be also taken into account, i.e. restriction of the right to assembly in public space.

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