Scientists counted bats in the Międzyrzecki Fortified Region for the 20th time


Researchers of the University of Life Sciences in Wrocław along with chiropterologists from all over Europe counted bats in the Międzyrzecki Fortified Region. Through observations, researchers know how climate change affects these mammals.

– This year we counted exactly 38 910 bats. That’s 300 more than last year. However, we have observed significant changes in the number of different species. Due to global warming, the temperature in the underground, in which bats hibernate, also increases. Thermophilic species feel great in such conditions and they are a growing population. What worries us, however, is the decline in the number of cold-loving species, such as the western barbastelle, brown long-eared bat and the species complex: whiskered bat, redhead bat and Brandt’s bat – says counting coordinator, Dr Tomasz Kokurewicz.

Counting bats has been going on for 20 years. Every 5 years, scientists send reports to Brussels to work out strategies for the protection of individual species and habitats.