Scientists from the Białystok University of Technology to establish a Living Mushroom Laboratory in Hajnówka

Gabriela Kosciuk PB

Academy of Nature will be established in Hajnówka will launch the project “Hajnówka OdNowa – Green Transformation”. The project will be implemented in cooperation with the Białystok University of Technology (PB), which will be responsible for carrying out a number of activities including urban projects, city development forecasts, proposals for the use of renewable energy sources and the key project, which is the creation of the Living Mushroom Laboratory.

The project “Hajnówka Renewal – Green Transformation” benefits from co-financing worth EUR 3.5 million received from Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway as part of the EEA Grants.

The leading element of the planned activities will be the creation of a Living Mushroom Laboratory by the Institute of Forest Sciences at the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Environmental Sciences of BUT. The project is to be completed by spring 2024. They will consist of two chambers for the controlled cultivation of polyporoid mushrooms, which are used both in medicine and in the food industry.