Scientists from the Opole University of Technology find the innovative way to diagnose car tires using a magnetic field sensor


Scientists from the Opole University of Technology have developed an innovative method of car tire diagnostics using a magnetic field sensor. In the future, this solution will allow checking the quality of the tires without the need to remove the wheels for the test, or even without the involvement of the driver. 

There is a structure called a belt under the tread of a car tire. It consists of steel wires that deform while driving and change their magnetic field as a result of the Villari effect. Using a magnetic sensor, researchers observe its changes during operation and on this basis conclude whether the tread is worn or not.

The magnetic field sensor also allows them to check whether the tire has been damaged, repaired or punctured. Researchers can also estimate the service time of tires. In the future, this method could also be used as a supplementary method by court experts.