Scientists from the University of Economics in Poznań research New Generation in the New Economy

Uniwersytet Ekonomiczny w Poznaniu

Researchers from the University of Economics in Poznań undertook the development of a methodology for cyclical research in economic preparation of the young generation for technological revolutions. Tools have been developed to simulate the challenges faced by the young generation in choosing their career path.

Second-grade students of secondary schools, technical secondary schools and trade schools took part in the research. Scientists examined the competences that were considered to be particularly important for the competences of the future: mathematical literacy competences (enabling the determination of analytical competences), ethical and civic competences, communication, creativity, teamwork, self-organization of work and planning of activities, creation of digital content and the ability to search for information using IT and learning new issues.

The research indicated competence deficits among students, which are significant among students from industry schools.


Modern economy