Scientists from the University of Szczecin make a ground-breaking research


Physicists from the Szczecin Space Group, headed by Prof. Mariusz P. Dąbrowski from the University of Szczecin participated in ground-breaking research on measuring the so-called solid subtle structure. Their results were published in the prestigious journal Science Advances.

The international team has analyzed a signal from one of the outermost active nuclei of the galaxies – the quasar J1120 + 0641. Based on the obtained data, in combination with earlier data from closer objects, scientists estimated that 13 billion years ago a slightly lower value was assumed by the so-called constant of subtle structure.

This may indicate that there are places in the Universe where the basic forces that unite matter, including living matter, may differ. This may have further consequences for describing the life might look like in space, because its features depend mainly on the impact of electric charges.