Scientists from the University of Warsaw recreating the process of cancer evolution

Massachusetts Institute of Technology/Ferrari Press/East News

A research group from the University of Warsaw (UW) has developed CONET – a probabilistic model that allows recreating the process by which errors in DNA translate into cancer formation.

According to Prof. Ewa Szczurek from the Faculty of Mathematics, Informatics and Mechanics of the University of Warsaw, CONET provides very important information that helps to choose effective anti-cancer therapies. It is the first tool to solve the problem of reconstructing the history of changes in the number of copies of DNA fragments using data from individual cancer cells.

Scientists hope that CONET will be widely used in analyzing this data, providing insight into cancer evolution and guidance in selecting effective treatments.

The description of the CONET model has been published in the scientific journal “Genome Biology”. The article also includes the results of using CONET in relation to breast cancer samples.


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