Scientists of the Medical University of Gdańsk published research on adipose tissue stem cells


Scientists of the Medical University of Gdańsk have published a review in the Medicinal Research Reviews journal, presenting the characteristics of adipose tissue stem cells and their possible use in the treatment of difficult-to-heal wounds.

Fat tissue removed during surgery has been treated as medical waste for many years. Today it is known that it is rich in stem cells that can be isolated and multiplied in the laboratory. Research has proven their enormous pro-regenerative and immunoregulatory properties. Clinical trials are underway to use these cells in patients treated for COVID-19.

The co-authors of the publication “Adipose ‐ derived stromal cells for nonhealing wounds: Emerging opportunities and challenges” include Dr Eng. Milena Deptuła, Prof. Michał Pikuła and Dr Aneta Skoniecka, as well as Prof. Jacek Zieliński, Department and Clinic of Oncological Surgery and Dr Agnieszka Brzezicka.



Medicine and biotechnology