Scientists receive patent for a modern tool for precise cutting of nerves


Scientists of the Medical University of Silesia in Katowice and the Polish Academy of Sciences have developed a cutting tool for precise cutting of nerves. The cutting disc covered with a multi-ion and multi-layer anti-wear coating of TiNx: Ag type has already received a patent.

The innovative method allows to obtain a bioactive coating on the tool tip, which will be used in the surgery of soft tissues – in particular, peripheral nerves. Its advantage is the resistance to degradation associated with the sterilization of surgical instruments.

The innovative solution provides the possibility of forming complex coatings thanks to the use of the same apparatus, maintaining the highest quality of the obtained coatings. The method of producing the coating includes several steps: degreasing and drying the blade surface of the surgical instrument; forming a transition layer by applying a titanium layer to the blade surface; forming the main shell.


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