Silesian Water Center receives the Polish Intelligent Development Award 2022

Andrzej Woznica Uniwersyt Śląski

The Silesian Water Center of the University of Silesia won the Polish Intelligent Development Award in the eco-innovation category. The center was appreciated for outstanding research and development and popularization activities related to water management and environmental protection, based on innovative research methods.

The center conducts research activities for the protection of the aquatic environment. Employees cooperate with foreign specialists, assess the quality of water, perform bathymetric measurements of water reservoirs and monitor them, as well as develop programs for the rehabilitation of contaminated areas.

For 6 years, the Polish Intelligent Development Award has been granted to innovators and investors, people and organizations whose way of acting and thinking – already or in the future – affects the intelligent and sustainable development of society and economy. The award popularizes, promotes and appreciates the authors of technological and social innovations, as well as investments increasing the standard of living.