Simple virucidal system to provide effective room disinfection 

Politechnika Gdańska

Scientists of the Gdańsk University of Technology have developed a virucidal system that emits UV-C rays and is installed in existing lamps. A simple solution can ensure effective disinfection of rooms in public buildings.

The biocidal properties of UV-C radiation are known and used in medical facilities, public transport and the beauty sector, etc. Long exposure to this type of radiation is dangerous for humans – it can cause cancer. This creates the problem of implementing devices emitting this type of radiation in rooms that require precise disinfection.

Gdańsk researchers proposed to install UV-C fluorescent lamps in existing luminaires. In each of the luminaires, one of the four fluorescent lamps was replaced. The system has been integrated with an application created for this purpose and a motion sensor. Any movement in the room immediately turns off the fluorescent lamps to not to expose the people there to radiation.