Student of the Opole University of Technology built a device to improve the safety of firefighters

Politechnika Opolska

A student of the Opole University of Technology has constructed a device that monitors the location, vital parameters of a firefighter and the environmental conditions during a rescue operation. The solution can significantly improve the safety of rescuers.

The health measurement system of a firefighter operating in hazardous zones was developed as part of the diploma thesis. Its author, Sebastian Juraszek, a student of automation and robotics at the Opole University of Technology, is the head of the Volunteer Fire Department in Cisko.

“Currently, the firefighter has a standstill indicator, which in the basic version only informs about the detection of standstill and visual and acoustic signaling alerts other colleagues that something is happening to him. It is inconvenient because there is no communication with the commander, and in heavy smoke it is possible to miss a firefighter who needs help. My work gave the commander a full picture of what is happening to firefighters in the rescue operation area”, explains the designer of the device.