Student of the University of Wrocław wins the competition of the Personal Data Protection Office 


Maria Kaczmarek, a fourth-year law student at the Faculty of Law and Administration of the University of Wrocław, won the national competition of the Office for Personal Data Protection. The competition task was to write an essay on “Iris scanning as a way of identifying students during exams”.

– I started to research the subject of personal data protection last year more closely as with the outbreak of the pandemic, the word “privacy” gained a new meaning, and the development of technologies enabling communication at a distance took an incredible pace (…) – says the laureate.

In her competition work, Maria Kaczmarek advised the university against using the student’s consent as a legal basis for processing his biometric data. She pointed to possible dangers resulting from such a privacy-interfering data processing unit, at the same time she proposed other solutions – for example, showing a student ID with a photo.