Students of the Krakow University of Technology send an own probe into the stratosphere

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Students from the Cosmo Science Club, which operates at the Faculty of Computer Science and Telecommunications of the Krakow University of Technology (PK), sent a probe they had designed to the stratosphere. The device, called HABSat (High Altitude Balloon Satellite), is a measuring item for conducting experiments at an altitude of approx. 30 km above the Earth’s surface.

Several probe modules will collect the data necessary to send safely and then retrieve the capsule. In addition, the device will enable the recording of information directly related to the experiment – for example, imaging the Earth, the stratosphere or other data characteristic of the project.

The project will also be an opportunity to gain experience and knowledge necessary to achieve the goal of building a nanosatellite. “Due to the conditions similar to space, the stratosphere will serve as a training ground”, explains Filip Zyga from the Cosmo Science Club, coordinator of the project group.

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