Students of the Lodz University of Technology are runners-up in the European competition of solar cars


In the 24-hour iLumen European Solar Challenge 2021 race that ended on September 19, the team of students from the Lodz University of Technology took second place. The solar-powered Lodz Solar Team (LST) drove 235 laps on the Belgian track in 24 hours, i.e. 945 km on just one charge. The average speed during the race was around 40 km / h.

The following factors were assessed during the competition: car efficiency per 1 kWh of energy, fastest lap time, place in qualifying, vehicle usability and the number of laps completed.

The championship in the Cruiser class was won by the Solar Car team of the University Bochum from Germany, and the bronze medal was received by the second team of the University of Bochum.

The Lodz Solar Team is a project of students of the Lodz University of Technology operating as part of the Students’ Scientific Club of Automotive Enthusiasts, Institute of Fluid-Flow Machinery, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering.

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