Students of the University of Opole join a project on the dangers of superbacterias

Uniwersytet Opolski

Students of sociology, biology and biotechnology of the University of Opole will take part in the implementation of the international project: Superbacteria: raising public awareness about the dangers of antibiotic resistance through service-learning (as part of the CivicEngagement grant) as part of the Forthem consortium.

The project will start in September and will involve students and researchers from universities in Valencia, Spain, Palermo, Italy, Mainz, Germany and the University of Opole. The project is a continuation of activities initiated by Dr Belén Fouz and Dr Sergi Maicas i Prieto from the University of Valencia.

The main goal of the project is to increase the awareness of schoolchildren and their families about the danger of superbacterias, related to the abuse of antibiotics. Students in international cooperation will prepare posters, information and conduct interactive trainings for school students on this subject.

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