Students of the University of Wrocław win the program “New Technologies for Girls”


Three students of the University of Wrocław became laureates of the “New Technologies for Girls” program and received scholarships from Intel and the Perspektywy Foundation. Aleksandra Stępniewska and Małgorzata Maciejewska are studying computer science, and Olga Zaborska is a student of mathematics and Individual IT and Mathematical Studies. 

This is the seventh scholarship program for young women associating their future with new technologies. Scholarship holders of the “New Technologies for Girls” program will receive a variety of substantive and financial support. They will be supported by mentors – experienced Intel employees.

The winners will receive a scholarship of PLN 12,000, which will cover part of the expenses they incur during their studies. They will also be invited to participate in an internship program in an exciting place – Intel’s research and development center in Gdańsk (Intel’s is the largest R&D center in Europe).

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