Success of the Opole University of Technology in a prestigious international competition


The Opole University of Technology is participating in the project “Advanced Brain-Computer Interfaces for Novel Interactions (BCI)”. This is one of the four research projects financed under the prestigious international CHIST-ERA competition, informs the university.

The CHIST-ERA competition concerning research projects also carried out in international teams and aimed at implementing innovative solutions in the field of the brain-computer interface. The value of the project is over EUR 1.7 million. The University of Technology will implement it together with the University of Luxembourg, the University of Helsinki in Finland and the Jaume I University in Spain.

As part of the project, the university will be able to purchase modern equipment for infrared spectroscopy and devices for EEG analysis which will allow researchers to focus attention in the face of the overload of information in digital media and understand how people perceive and interpret it.


Technical sciences