Szczecin students receive Intel Technology scholarships


Nikola Bukowiecka and Klaudia Góralska, students of the West Pomeranian University of Technology in Szczecin, are among the 25 most talented Polish students of computer science and related faculties.

Students from Szczecin won prestigious scholarships in the “New Technologies for Girls” program organized by Intel Technology in cooperation with the Perspektywy Educational Foundation. Both students will be mentored by experienced Intel employees and will receive a scholarship of 12,000 PLN.

Klaudia Góralska is a fourth-year student of computer science. She specializes in computer systems and software and is interested in programming and designing web applications. Nikola Bukowiecka is a student of the third year of Automation and Robotics. Her research interests include rocket propulsion, space data analysis, quantum field theory and the problems of an artificial brain.


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