Theology and canon law at the Catholic University of Lublin receive the A + category

Tomasz Rytych/REPORTER

The Catholic University of Lublin (KUL) received the results of the evaluation of the quality of scientific activity for 2017-2021. Out of 14 assessed majors, as many as 6 received the A + or A category. The University has also obtained further decision to award doctoral and postdoctoral degrees.

On the basis of the assessment made by the Science Evaluation Committee, and approved by the Minister of Education and Science, individual majors are assigned to the categories that determine the possibility of conducting studies with a general academic profile, awarding academic degrees, as well as the amount of funds received from the state budget.

The highest scores at the Catholic University of Lublin were awarded to the A + category Theology and Canon Law. Category A was awarded to: Philosophy, Linguistics, Literary studies and Pedagogy.

The A + category is awarded to only a few units from among those that meet the requirements of category A, and their achievements are comparable to those of leading European research centers.

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