Transglutaminase – a way to extend the usefulness of cottage cheese


Scientists from the University of Warmia and Mazury (UWM) in Olsztyn: Dr Katarzyna Kiełczewska, UWM, Dr Eng. Krzysztof Bohdziewicz and Oskar Brożek from the Department of Dairy and Quality Management at the Faculty of Food Science, developed a way to extend the usefulness of the curd.

For several years, UWM has been researching the use of transglutaminase in dairy technology. As a result, Dr Kiełczewska and her colleagues found a new use for transglutaminase.

It is an enzyme that combines proteins contained in the curd in a way affecting its consistency. By adding transglutaminase, scientists can change the characteristics of the curd in the desired direction, such as: firmness, hardness, elasticity and fluffiness. Curd with transglutaminase and flavors such as cumin, black cumin, wild garlic, etc. can be fried or infused, packed and sent for sale – says Dr Kiełczewska.

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