University of Łódź to conduct comparative research on the culture of animated film production in Czechoslovakia and Poland


Dr Ewa Ciszewska, Department of History and Theory of Film of the Faculty of Philology of the University of Łódź (UŁ) will examine the works of the Se-Ma-For Studio and the Czechoslovakian Gottwaldov Film Studio. She will research the production culture in relation to animated film during the communist era and the political transformation in Czechoslovakia and Poland.

In her research, Dr Ciszewska would like to reflect on the specificity of the operation of the Łódź film animation center, reconstruct its origins and research the time of the studio’s greatest development.

The project is aiming to analyze and compare film animation centers in Gottwaldov and Łódź. The animated production at the Gottwaldov Film Studio referred to the film production of the Baťa company, started in the 1930s. The specific position of the Gottwaldov studio and the Se-Ma-For Small Film Forms Studio in Łódź outside of administrative and production centers make them ideal material for comparative research.