University of Lodz to lead a project testing the level of safety in sacred buildings 

Tadeusz Koniarz/REPORTER

The Faculty of Biology and Environmental Protection of the University of Łódź (UŁ) is implementing the ProSPERES EU project. An international consortium of 18 partners, led by the University of Lodz, will study the level of security in sacred buildings. The project budget is over PLN 3 million 300 thousand euro.

Marcin Podogrocki, a project manager from the Center for the Prevention of Biological Hazards of the University of Lodz, emphasizes that places of religious worship are considered particularly vulnerable to terrorist attacks due to their availability and the fact that they usually use limited security measures.

According to the University of Lodz, the ProSPERES project aims to increase the level of protection in places of worship through the cooperation of scientists, experts and security practitioners, public services and religious institutions in order to prepare a comprehensive protection system. The consortium includes the Catholic Church, the Greek Orthodox Church and the Jewish Religious Community.