University of Rzeszów meets representatives of Guangdong Polytechnic Normal University


The authorities of the University of Rzeszów met the representatives of the Guangdong Technical Normal University (GPNU). The purpose of the meeting was to establish detailed rules for the organization of the learning process in the direction of “Chinese Culture and Social Development” – informs Dr. Maciej Ulita, spokesman for the Rzeszów University.
The first two years of classes will be carried out in English, two more in Chinese. The completed studies will be payable respectively – 1,500 euro / semester for two years in Poland at the University of Rzeszów, and then 13,000 yuan / semester for two consecutive years in China. Dr Maciej Ulita argues, this is a future study related to the global economy, industry and also cultural exchange. If anyone dreams about knowing the specifics of Chinese culture and business then they should apply for it.
During the meeting, detailed rules for the exchange of scientific and administrative employees necessary for the implementation of the assumed study program were also established.

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