University of Silesia to cooperate with the Bielsko-Bialski Teacher Training Center


The University of Silesia in Katowice has established cooperation in education and popularization of science with the Bielsko-Bialski Teacher Training Center (BBODN). The document was signed by the Vice-Rector for Education and Students Dr Katarzyna Trynda, the University of Silesia and the director of BBODN, Dr Agnieszka Herma.

The cooperation will concern implementation of joint didactic, scientific and popularization projects, organization of seminars, open lectures, conferences, meetings, and study visits.

The partners will develop research tools for the analysis and interpretation of social and cultural processes, as well as publish scientific and methodological publications for the professional development of teachers. The agreement will also include the joint organization of undertakings supporting activities aimed at adjusting the directions of education to the needs of the labor market and participation in scientific research.


Higher education