University of Szczecin to cooperate with GlobalLogic

Uniwersytet Szczeciński

The University of Szczecin will cooperate with GlobalLogic, a leader in digital engineering services. In the signed agreement, the parties have declared multifaceted activities including the creation of joint innovative projects, the development of research, as well as the organisation of internships and placements.

The agreement was signed by the rector of the university, Professor Waldemar Tarczynski and the director of the Szczecin branch of GlobalLogic, Artur Perwenis. Both signatories are looking forward to long-term cooperation.

“I believe that today’s signing of the agreement is a milestone that marks the beginning of many years of activities between academia and business. As a GlobalLogic company, we are aware that cooperation with universities is necessary and much needed for us. Our main problem is the search for qualified employees, as we have a lot of projects we would like to carry out,” says the director of GlobalLogic.

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