University of Warsaw inviting participants to “Duet on the Belarusian revolution of 2020”


As part of the series of “8 lectures for the New Millennium”, on May 17, 2022, the University of Warsaw (UW) is inviting participants to a lecture by Prof. Anna Engelking and Prof. Elżbieta Smułkowa “Belarus is not Lukashenka. Duet on the Belarusian revolution”.

“The speech on the Belarusian revolution of 2020 will consist of showing the anthropological understanding of the basic values, norms and attitudes constitutive of the identity of Belarusians, which will facilitate the proper perception of their behavior. We will also try to present the development stages of social demonstrations, up to their brutal crush and outline the current situation”, says Prof. Elżbieta Smułkowa.

Prof. Smułkowa, a Slavist, specialist in Polish and East Slavic linguistics, as well as language border issues and Dr Anna Engelking, Institute of Sociology of the Polish Academy of Sciences – ethnographer, ethnolinguist, expert in Belarusian anthropology, graduate of the University of Warsaw will talk on the Belarusian revolution from two years ago.