University of Wrocław invites guests to the St. John’s Fair


The University of Wrocław is inviting participants to the University Botanical Garden on June 21 for the St. John’s Fair. On site guests will be able to buy a wreath and put it on the water of the garden pond, they will also be able to buy plants, hemp teas, handmade ceramics and landscapes painted on leaves.

Midsummer Night called Kupala Night is a Slavic festival associated with the summer solstice – the moment of maximum deflection of the Earth’s rotation axis towards the Sun. Traditional rites are celebrated on the shortest night of the year.

The Kupala Night is a festival of fire, water, sun and moon, harvest, fertility, joy and love. Customs and rites of that night are to ensure health and fertility to the participants. One of the traditions is girls making wreaths and letting them onto the water. If the wreath is caught out by the bachelor, it means the girl to be married quickly, if it flows, the girl will not get married soon. If it drowns or gets tangled in a bulrush, the girl will be a spinster.