University of Wrocław resumed a project for children and adolescents


After more than a year’s break caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the third educational project “The world of explorers, discovering the world – an innovative program of competence development and stimulating educational and cultural activity for primary school children” was resumed. The main contractor of the project is the Faculty of Biological Sciences at the University of Wrocław. 

The project aims to develop key competencies and universal skills necessary in the labor market as well as social and communication competencies in children and youth. It also assumes spreading aesthetic and ethical values ​​in the personal development of pupils and students, as well as patriotic attitudes in the context of the love of Polish nature and respect for natural and national goods, as well as increasing awareness and responsibility for the state of the environment.

The activities are co-financed by the European Union through the National Center for Research and Development under the “Third Mission of the University” program.


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