University of Wrocław to hold an international conference “(In)equality. Faces of contemporary Europe” 


The Scientific Club of Interdisciplinary European Activities at the Center for German and European Studies of the University of Wrocław is inviting participants from 19 to 21 November to the International Interdisciplinary Scientific Conference “(In) equality. Faces of contemporary Europe ”. 

The conference is an opportunity to undertake an international discussion about contemporary inequalities, attempts at their elimination, the anticipated consequences and solutions. It becomes an opportunity for broadening the perspectives of analysis through a discussion on methodological and analytical orientations.

The subject of the conference includes the need to understand the phenomena and processes taking place in contemporary Europe. The conference aims to promote young scientific talents including students and doctoral students as well as the idea of ​​interdisciplinary research. The event is to be an opportunity to present research results so far or a paper for the first time.