University of Zielona Góra published in “Nature” results of joint research on emissions of nitrous oxide


A scientific consortium of 57 scientists from 14 countries and 48 research institutions with the participation of the University of Zielona Góra assessed that the increasing emissions of nitrous oxide is posing a threat to the achievement of climate goals and assumptions resulting from the Paris Agreement. The research has been published in the journal „Nature”.

The consortium leader is Auburn University in Alabama (USA) under the aegis of the Global Coal Project and the International Initiative for Nitrogen. The aim of the researchers was to perform the most comprehensive analysis and assessment of all sources of the greenhouse gas nitrous oxide so far.

Research shows that the growing use of nitrogen fertilizers in world food production increases the concentration of nitrous oxide in the atmosphere. This greenhouse gas is 300 times stronger than carbon dioxide and stays in the atmosphere longer than human life lasts.