Vice-rector of the University of Opole receives the Kazimierz Bartel Award


Prof.  Jacek Lipok, Vice-Rector for Science at the University of Opole, was awarded the prestigious Prof. Kazimierz Bartel Award, which is granted for outstanding achievements in science. It aims to promote the beauty of exact sciences.

The award was established five years ago, and the awarding ceremony is held every year as part of the Hoborski’s Days, as is commonly referred to as the Hoborski’s Festival of Exact Sciences. The winners are alternately mathematicians, physicists and chemists – representatives of the sciences that were of interest of the patron of the award.

The laureate’s scientific interests include the assessment of the biological activity of natural and synthetic chemical compounds, targeted biosynthesis of metabolism modulators, including drugs and nutraceuticals, and the analysis of the course of biocatalytic processes. Prof. Lipok is the author and co-author of over 80 publications, 5 granted patents and over 180 conference presentations.