Warsaw University of Technology launched the laboratory of the Aerospace Research Center

Paweł Waligóra PW

The Warsaw University of Technology (PW) has opened a laboratory for the Aviation and Space Research Center at the airport in Przasnysz. It is a unique laboratory in Poland and Europe carrying out research on unmanned aerial vehicles and radar technologies.

The new laboratory consists of laboratories and workshops allowing for the production, testing and servicing of drones. A computing center and an airspace monitoring system based on passive radars were also established.

The construction of the laboratory is one of the elements of the project “Field Research and Implementation Training Ground in Przasnysz Poviat”, implemented by the Warsaw University of Technology at the airport in Przasnysz. The project is co-financed from European Union sources, and its aim is to strengthen the research and development activity of the University and increase the commercialization of research results. The entire investment is PLN 33 million, including PLN 24 million for research equipment.

Technical sciences