Wrocław University of Science and Technology to start cooperation with IDEAS NCBR

Huenit/Ferrari Press/East News

Wrocław University of Science and Technology has joined the project supporting the education of specialists in artificial intelligence. Thanks to the cooperation with IDEAS NCBR, young scientists will receive help from mentors and scholarships to conduct their research.

The Wrocław University of Science and Technology is another university, after the Jagiellonian University, Łódź University of Technology, Białystok University of Technology and the Military University of Technology, which established cooperation with IDEAS NCBR. As a result, young scientists will have even better conditions to conduct research in areas such as machine learning, smart contracts, robotics, blockchain or learning data structures.

IDEAS NCBR is a research and development center operating in artificial intelligence and digital economy. Its mission is to support the development of these technologies in Poland by creating a platform that connects the academic and business environment. It was established by the National Center for Research and Development (NCBR) and belongs to the NCBR Group.

More: https://pwr.edu.pl/uczelnia/aktualnosci/nadchodzi-nowe-pokoło-naukowcow-dolacz-do-nich-na-pwr-12409.html

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