WSB Academy creates the system for detecting trace amounts of explosives


The WSB Academy in Dąbrowa Górnicza participated in the consortium creating an innovative, on site system for detecting trace amounts of explosives. The product was created as part of a project financed under Programs and Projects for State Security and Defense. 

The system enables non-contact measurement of traces of explosives – for example at airports. The sample analysis time is 5 seconds, the total examination time for 1 person lasts approximately15 seconds. The advantage of the invention is an open library, with particular emphasis on improvised explosives, the use of a proprietary detector with very high sensitivity and quite good selectivity, and an open design that enables easy implementation during the travelers’ check-in.

The project consortium includes the WSB Academy, Military Institute of Chemistry and Radiometry (leader); Military Institute of Armament Technology; Transfer of Technology and WIMECH SC companies.