WSB University in Poznań to support social entrepreneurship

Wyższa Szkoła Bankowa w Poznaniu

Social Entrepreneurship Training Center will be established at the WSB University in Poznań. Its task will be to support research diagnosing the needs of local business entities and creating strategies for their development and marketing analyzes.

The center will be located in one of the buildings recently acquired by the university in Poznań’s Old Town, in the degraded area of the former military barracks. There will be classrooms, a student zone, co-working and workshop zones and rooms, as well as an open space (partially glazed) between the tenement houses.

The unit will focus on providing services to the social economy sector. In addition, it will raise funds for job creation, as well as training, advisory and promotional support. The unit will also undertake networking activities for various groups of entities. The project partner is the Association for Social Cooperatives.


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