Zamość Academy issues a commemorative banknote

Szymon Łyciuk AZ

The 0 Euro Souvenir of the Zamość Academy was officially presented in the Chancellery of the Zamość Academy (AZ). It is the first commemorative banknote in Poland issued by the university.

The presentation of the commemorative banknote of the university was attended by the rector of the Zamość Academy, Dr Paweł Skrzydlewski and the president of the board of Memorial Banknotes, Dr Szymon Bereska.

The presentation of the banknote coincided with the positive opinion that the Zamość Academy received from the Polish Accreditation Committee on the launch of an innovative field of art market and management in culture at the undergraduate and graduate level. This field is related to the turnover of works of art and collecting, including those related to notophilia, i.e. a branch of numismatics dealing with the collection of paper banknotes.

The obverse of the banknote features a graphic with a motif depicting the Zamość Academy. It features Jan Zamoyski and the building of the historic Zamość Academy next to the name and logo of the University.