Academy of Physical Education in Poznań to hold a lecture “Influence of flow on the player’s success”


The Academy of Physical Education in Poznań and the City of Poznań are inviting participants to an open lecture, delivered by Prof. Tony Morris from Victoria University in Melbourne: “Flow in Physical Activity: Research on a Positive Perspective for Sports Performers and Exercisers”.

The lecture participants will talk about the phenomenon of the flow state, the possibilities of its recognition, experiencing, using it, in the sporting perspective. The flow state cannot be experienced “by shortcuts” – it is necessary to meet the conditions based on delivering satisfying sensations and the ability to control consciousness.

Professor Morris is an authority in the field of sports psychology worldwide. He is a honorary secretary of the British Association of Sport Sciences, the first chairman of the College of Sport Psychologists of the Australian Psychological Association and chairman of the International Society of Sports Psychology.