Architects of the Gdańsk University of Technology awarded for research and protection of monuments


Professor Eng. Maria Sołtysik and Dr Eng. Robert Hirsch from the Faculty of Architecture of the Gdańsk University of Technology received the Silver Medals “Meritorious for Culture Gloria Artis”, and Dr Eng. Anna Orchowska-Smolińska received the silver medal “For taking care of the monuments”.

Professor Sołtysik was awarded for her enormous contribution to the research on spatial development and architecture of Gdynia, as well as for the discovery and dissemination of the Gdynia heritage on a supra-local scale. Dr Robert Hirsch was awarded for his involvement in research and protection of Pomeranian monuments – in particular for the protection of the monuments of Gdynia as the Municipal Historic Monument Conservator.

The activity of Dr Eng. Anna Orchowska-Smolińska, architect and conservator of monuments, was honored with the silver medal “For the protection of monuments”. All the winners are employees of the Department of History, Theory of Architecture and Monument Conservation.

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