Gowin: We have to spend much more on learning to make profits


– Several conditions must be met to gain from scientific research and to translate it into modern technologies. First of all, it is necessary to have high expenditure on learning. Secondly, there must be a demand on innovation from the economy – said Jarosław Gowin, Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Science and Higher Education.

Deputy Prime Minister Gowin emphasized, that the government introduced all solutions that favor an innovative economy. He mentioned about two innovation laws, prepared by the Ministry of Science in close cooperation with the Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Finance, and the Act on implementation doctrines, which opened a new economy way focused on close cooperation with business.

Jarosław Gowin also reminded that huge funds were mobilized for co-financing startups, at the very beginning of the term by the then deputy prime minister Morawiecki. He added to this the creation of the Łukasiewicz research network, which is focused on the commercialization of the research results of several dozens of scientific institutes.


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