Modern laboratory in the modernized part of the Maximum Auditorium of the Gdańsk University of Technology


The Gdańsk University of Technology created a modern laboratory in the modernized part of the historic Audytorium Maximum building, where the program of the use and learning of the LabVIEW environment will be implemented. LabVIEW environment is one of the most modern programming platforms used by such centers as CERN or NASA.

The new laboratory, as part of the teaching classes, will be used primarily by students of faculties related to physics – material engineering (specialty energy conversion) or nanotechnology. At their disposal there are most modern measurement systems including digital oscilloscopes, arbitrary multi-channel generators, prototype systems, located on 120 square meters.

Laboratory groups will develop electronic circuits, using operational amplifiers, integrated digital circuits (microcontrollers) with a wide range of applications, and check the constructed systems at the functional level.

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