Poznań scientist co-authored the book on the political commitment of football fans


Dr Przemysław Nosal from the Faculty of Sociology at Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań is a co-author of the book “Politics, Ideology and Football Fandom. The Transformation of Modern Poland” published by the London publishing house Routledge.

The book is a sociological analysis of the phenomenon of political involvement of football fans. It shows this activity of football fans in the context of wider changes in Polish society. It describes the historical conditions of the politicization of stadiums and its most current manifestations.

Authors including Dr Przemysław Nosal; Prof. Radosław Kossakowski from the University of Gdańsk and Dr Wojciech Woźniak from the University of Lodz are trying to answer questions about the specificity of the politics of Polish fans and exchange cultural patterns with fans from other parts of Europe. The publication is based on research carried out in a fan environment, analysis of election polls and the latest scientific literature.