Scientists of the University of Wrocław receive the Special Award of Polityka


Professor Marcin Wodziński from the Department of Jewish Studies and Dr Waldemar Spallek from the Department of Geoinformatics and Cartography of the University of Wrocław received the Special Award in this year’s Historical Awards of ‘Polityka’.

The prize was awarded for the publication of “Hasidism. Historical Atlas.” The work of Wrocław scientists discusses the rise and expansion of Hasidism, its institutional forms (dynasties, courts, prayer houses), 20th-century emigration to the New World, the crisis of two world wars and the Holocaust, and finally its revival after 1945.

The book contains 74 large-format, colored maps, text and 99 illustrations. The graphs and tables present the spatial, physical and visual dimensions of the Hasidic mystical movement in a visually attractive form. The English version of the Atlas was published by Princeton University Press, earlier the Polish version received the Award of the Minister of Science and Higher Education.

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