Silesian University of Technology invites participants to the Silesian Science Festival in Katowice


Until October 31, students can submit their applications for the 3rd Silesian Science Festival in Katowice, which will take place in January 2019. The event, scheduled for January 2019, is co-organized by the Silesian University of Technology.

The festival is an opportunity to popularize knowledge in various forms: lectures, exhibition stands, exhibitions, workshops, experiments. Applications can be submit electronically on the festival website. The organizers encourage to submit lectures and interactive demonstrations.

As in previous years, the program of the 3rd Silesian Science Festival will be divided into six areas of knowledge: socio-human sciences, art, technical sciences, exact sciences, medicine and health sciences, and natural sciences. In addition, the following zones will be available: space zone, sports zone, e-sport zone, children zone, as well as exhibition and lecture spaces.

Last year, the event was visited by over 30 thousand people.

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