Students of the Warsaw University of Technology working on a two-stage GROT rocket


Members of the Student Astronautical Circle, which operates at the Faculty of Power and Aeronautical Engineering of the Warsaw University of Technology, presented the project of a two-stage Grot rocket.

– This is our new, two-stage construction, aimed to reach the 15 km limit, which is the upper limit of the airspace available to us, and thus beating the Polish record of the flight altitude of the amateur rocket belonging currently to the rocket K1-X of Polish Rocket Society. A slightly modified structure of students’ rocket can ultimately fly up to 60 km.

The main components of the rocket are a solid propellant engine with a maximum thrust of 7500 N and a narrow hull completed with a brass head. A large engine is supposed to accelerate a smaller tip to almost three times the speed of sound. The tip, thanks to its high inertia and small size can slow down at a slow pace to Earth.

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