University of Szczecin to receive over PLN 10 million for improving research


The University of Szczecin will receive over PLN 10 million for the implementation of the project “Improving the quality of scientific research in economic sciences with a special focus on the services sector”. The money is allocated by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education as part of the Regional Initiative of Excellence program.

The project will be implemented in 2019-2022 by the faculties of economic sciences and management as well as management and economics of services of the University of Szczecin in the group of disciplines: economics, finance, management sciences and commodities.

Funds will be allocated for training and study trips for employees, financing publications, monographs in reputable publications, supporting initiatives aimed at intensifying cooperation with the socio-economic environment, developing scientific infrastructure (building a laboratory system supporting professional research) and supporting scientific research with new didactic methods.

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